Ivan Guayasamin

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Ivan Guayasamín: Colombian-Ecuadorian painter and nephew of the also Colombian-Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamín. Ivan studied initially in the House of culture (Quito, Ecuador) and later worked along Oswaldo in the master’s workshop in Ecuador. He also completed art studies in the Institute of popular culture (Cali, Colombia).

Ivan recreates indigenous cultures in drawings, paintings, murals and sculptures. His themes include drama, melancholy, tranquility, solitude and tenderness of Amerindian society, abandoned, hurt and displaced by the colonizers.

The work of Ivan Guayasamín, sometimes full of dramatic expressions, makes us reflect on the delirious nightmare of destruction that has led urban primitive man in his dream of wrongful greatness. He has interpreted, as far as he could, iconographies only accessible to the owners of this alienated world of our American Indians who roam without peace and tranquility as removed from “civilization”.

Ivan took off in the art world from a similar perspective as his uncle and has displayed in galleries throughout Central and South America as well as in the United States. Ivan Guayasamín, a specialist in indigenous issues, displays works that outline the blood of the ethnic groups in like the  Kiwa and Embera.

Guayasamín normally works in large formats, and his usual technique is either acrylic or oil on canvas, with a particular use of the spatula, unique in his style. Today, Ivan Guayasamín’s work should be considered privileged, because we must consider that he is the last survivor of the Indigenist school of art.